Norsegoods Shipping Policy

Norsegoods strives to keep cost low in all aspects including shipping. We are capable of offer free shipping with orders totaling over $30. How we do this is simple.

  • Norsegoods only ships in early mornings
  • Norsegoods only ships 2-3 times a week, depending on holidays.
  • Norsegoods ships on Mondays,Thursdays and Saturdays.
    Norsegoods ships on the above days between 8am and 12pm.
  • If your order falls in between those days your order will be processed and shipped on the next shipping day.
  • All orders are shipped through USPS First Class. This cost is built into our product’s cost to the customer. We have figured in simple shipping figures into total order sizes. Which gives us the wiggle room to offer free shipping for any orders totaling above $25.00.
  • Norsegoods has the right to revoke free shipping, if the transactions falls through for any reason.
  • Norsegoods uses 3rd party shipping methods such as USPS. Norsegoods can not guarantee the method of which these 3rd parties ship. For example we can can not control temperatures during shipping or package arrival quality.

The reasons above are simple. Norsegoods as of yet is not a stand alone income for the owners. Norsegoods strives on providing excellent products and the absolute lowest prices. We do this by integrating efficient methods. In regards to shipping, this method is before and after our primary income duties. For example on the way to work and after work and on our days off.

Transparency is key. We don’t hide behind things you’re not suppose to say or do. What makes us different is truly that.

For follow up or questions regarding shipping please contact us: