Year 983 | Beard Balm


In the year 983, a group of Norsemen were tasked with cutting and collecting trees that were to be used for the building of new longboats. While hard at work falling trees that reached nearly one-hundred feet in height, one of the men’s wives brought to them a light meal to honor their efforts and to help them maintain their energy. The husband, sweaty, dirty and tired reached out to his wife in thanks, bringing with his hands the smells of godly soil, the moist cracked timber, and the fresh forest air as it stirred around them. The mixture aroused the woman, and she asked that he bring home with him some earth, some wood from the inner most part of the tree, and some pine needs to remind her of that smell.

This balm is the definition of magic. Close your eyes and imagine a forest with those giant 100 foot trees after a light rain shower. The trees giving off that moist woody smell. The ground just damp enough to smell light heaven. The pine needles holding just a few drops of water each. That is this balm. You will not be dissatisfied.