Odin’s Ocean | Beard Balm (Inspired By Armani’s Acqua Di Gio)


Following the first raids west of their settled territories, the Vikings discovered many amazing things amongst their plunder. Rewarded for their efforts with gold and jewels from a building housed by Monks, they also encountered new livestock, foods, and spices that offered them many new smells. One of the most pleasing smells came from none of these though, but from the open sea itself. The sweet water smell of the briny Pacific was a new and fresh water smell that travelled back with the raiding parties that quickly became a highly sought after smell.

Heres how the inspiration describes it Iconic, fresh, pure, and stimulating, that’s the essence of Acqua di Gio for men. This aquatic fragrance opens with a refreshing splash of fresh, Calabrian bergamot, green tangerine, and neroli. This is followed by light nuances with a blend of jasmine, crisp rock rose, warm Indonesian patchouli, and fruity persimmon. Authentic, natural, and a woody marine freshness that’s both sensual and fresh, Acqua di Gio is the pure warmth and coolness of the Mediterranean Sea encapsulated in a fragrance bottle.