Noir’s Lair | Beard Balm (Inspired by Tom Ford’s Noir)


As instructed by Odin, many Vikings set out in their long boats on quests to discover new lands to pillage and invade. Before arriving in these new lands, the scents that were available to the Vikings was quite limited. Once they had reached the shores of England, a whole new world of intoxicating aromas had been opened to them. Wanting to impress English Royalties, Odin instructed his people to create a new smell for themselves, a more sophisticated version of their own unique scent. This new scent? An enticing combination of creamy vanilla, vetiver, powder, and moss.

An oriental sensual fragrance, TOM FORD Noir teems with masculine sensuality. As with all TOM FORD creations, the fragrance is composed of the finest ingredients and iconic accords, re-imagined as only tom ford can do.