Huntsman | Beard Balm


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Most of their days were spent in the forest, where they gathered wood from trees, gathered food and other supplies. These Norsemen knew the forest like the back of their hand. Vior (Forest) is the scent and smell of these Norsemen returning home. While the women were preparing dinner; the men entered the home after a long day of gathering smelling like the brisk,moist,wooded air.


This is Beard Balm is for all the men who love the smell of nature and woods. To be honest you can’t get any closer to that scent than Vior. A bright,moist,wooded,pine and oak, fresh rained on forest. Of course all of the best ingredients come included to give your beard not only the best scent for the day, but this beard balm gives your beard all the power it needs to have a beard of a god.