Beard Oil Vs Beard Balm:What,When And How

If you’re new to the whole beard thing, you can easily become confused or overwhelmed on the whys and when’s of using different products. How do I know what product to buy? Should I only use beard oil? Should I only use beard balm? Does it matter if I only use beard oil or beard balm? My beard is itchy, what do I do? Don’t worry. Just because we sell products doesn’t mean we want you to waste your money. Some men can easily get away with just one of these three products, while others should and will use all three. In this article we’re here to show and tell on when and why you should use certain products. In short, for example – if you have a short beard you can easily get away with just beard oil. Why? All three of these products perform essentially the same function with certain varying features; however, once your beard starts to grow in length, beard oil won’t be enough to hydrate and condition your entire beard. At this point, you’ll need a better styling and taming product. You could use solely beard oil for a full and long manly beard, but you’d likely go through an entire bottle in a week. The oil would hydrate and soften your beard, but it would be out of control.

Beard Oil

Every beard, whether it be long or short, should use beard oil in conjunction with a balm or butter. This is a must. In the early stages this is a golden standard. When you’re first growing your beard, expect your skin underneath to become itchy and dry. This is where beard oil becomes so important. Beard oil is a moisturizer that contains oils such as jojoba, Aragon and coconut. More premium products will have additional oils such as hemp seed oils. They commonly also include essential oils that are derived from plants, fruits, and vegetables. The larger the combination of oils, generally the better quality the product is as these oils all serve their own specific purposes.

Using an oil provides your skin and beard with moisture, hydration, growth, and shine. When growing your beard, especially in the first six to eight weeks, your hair may become brittle, hard and itchy. Simply put, it cannot be stressed enough that a beard oil should became a steeple to your daily routines. Yes, that’s routine in plural. Your hair and skin will absorb oils as it becomes dryer and dryer. Therefore, you must apply your beard oil multiple times a day. You should also look for oils that include Vitamin E, this will help with growth along your journey. When looking for a certain smell or scent, remember that beard oil tends to be a little stronger because the fragrance isn’t distributed through as many ingredients.

Beard Balm

Somewhere around this point you’re probably saying to yourself, “well there, now I know what to buy and use! Why would I buy beard balm if beard oil does exactly what I need?”

Great question, to which the answer is yes and no. Yes, beard oil is essential to your beards growth and journey; but as your beard grows and becomes thicker a few things tend to happen. First you’’ notice that about an hour after applying your beard oil, your beard has become dry again. Your first instinct will be to apply more bread oil. Well, this may work, however you’ll easily run out of beard oil in a short period of time. The other downside? While your beard may appear to be soft and hydrated, it will quite simply look untamed and poorly groomed. This is where the differences between beard oil and beard balm really become noticeable.

Beard balm usually includes all the ingredients of beard oils, with the addition of beeswax, or butters such as shea, coco, mango and many other varieties. These butters help to enhance the hydration soaking into your beard, but also slows the rate of that absorption. This delay in absorption allows for fewer applications a day and a beard that looks smooth throughout the day. As for the addition of beeswax, its main use is for holding things in place. Beeswax is essential in all balms because you want to be able to control the stray hairs and to style your beard as you see fit.

How do you choose between beard balm vs beard oil?


For best results, our strategy is always apply beard oil for quick hydration, then apply beard balm over it to provide style, conditioning, and hydration over the course of the rest of the day. 

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