The Norse Good Process

Over the last few years you’ve seen the beard product category explode in brick and mortar stores and online. Remember in your local Walmart just a year or so ago. There may have been a quarter of a shelf dedicated to beard balms, oils and combs. Now there is probably an entire 4 to 8 foot section.

You’ve been flooded with different balms and oils or even butters. What’s the difference ? To be honest. Not noticeably much. Most balms and oils use the same base ingredients. 3 – 5 carrier oils, Shea butter, beeswax and fragrances.

What makes us different? Glad you asked! Let’s go over that below.

  1. We specialist in real cologne based balms and oils. That means we add your favorite colognes at a heavy rate to last all day. Well still giving the greatest hydration and nutrients to your beard.
  2. Ingredients, yes you read and hear this all the time. “We use only organic and the purest ingredients in our products!” Well we can’t speak for other companies. But this is 100% true at norsegoods.
  3. Our process from start to finish. Is separated and controlled. What does that mean? It means that when we melt beeswax, we melt it separately from our butters and oils. Each base ingredient has a different melting point. Beeswax being the highest. This is how we avoid grainy and chalky balms.

Every time we develop a new scent or product. We base it off of real world use. If we wouldn’t wear it everyday. We want nothing to do with it. That’s simply how we started. We were tired of adding the same balms to our beards, that smelled like the same thing all the time then adding spray cologne to our bodies and everyday. Why not kill two birds with one stone?