Beard balm vs beard balm

Beard oil is the go-to for many men as this product will condition as well as make your beard look neater, it is easy to apply and will benefit all beard lengths from 10 days growth to serious levels of Man Beardery. It will assist and improve the following:

  • Softness of the beard
  • Nourishment of the hair and skin
  • Reduce beard itch
  • Reduce beardruff
  • Fullness and shine of the beard
  • Lure mating partners with the amazing scent of your beard*

So when would I choose beard balm over oil? Good question. Beard balm is perfect for those days when you want to tame that man beast on your face. The balm will provide more lasting control over your beard and give a consistent direction for your hair follicles. Being a thicker consistency, it will also coat your strands making your beard look fuller. If you don’t like the slight shine beard oil adds to your beard, then beard balm is a good option as it provides a more matte finish and therefore making it appear less evident that there is anything in your beard. Generally, beard balm is used in larger beards, anywhere from a few weeks onwards, that’s not to say you can’t use it in shorter beards, you will still get the conditioning benefits but you will not have a need to style it. Beard balm will assist and improve the following:

  • Nourishment of the hair and skin
  • Fullness of the beard
  • Styling and control
  • Can be used to tame your moustache
  • While generally the scents aren’t as strong as beard oil, you will still be resisting the urge to chew your beard and moustache all day.

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