White label products

What is White Label?

What is white label? White label is simple. We manufacture and produce the products and ship them to you with no branding of our own for you to sell. It’s really that simple. Some other brands who offer white label products make it sound over complicated for really no reason. So let’s break it down on what you would get for how much and here’s the kicker; you can do whatever you want with them!

So what products do we offer for you to sell?

Anything we sell you can buy and resell at whatever price you like, any which way you want. Really…

How much do you have to buy?

Most companies have minimum orders of 100,500, sometimes even 1,000 units. This is what we do differently. Yes we do have a minimal order of 25 orders, but we offer subscription based packages also. What that means is for a tier package price you’ll receive X amount of products a month at your door step , ready for you to label and sell each and every month to get started. These packages vary from a simple 25 products per month. Up to 1,000 per month. That’s it; Literally.

What are the prices of the products?

We offer white label products at wholesale cost. Which means the following:

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