Oaks Of Thor

If you want the short version skip to the end. Because with the Norse people, there is nothing short. The Oaks Of Thor is handcrafted by the towns men and women strictly for Thor himself to enjoy. They send raids just for the ingredients and after weeks and weeks of searching differnt shores and pillaging differnt villages. They have returned with the very best; and all of these ingredients are stores in the darkest oak barrels. 

The towns people start by heating the barrels that store almonds that they’ve  piliaged from the shores of England. And the coconuts stolen from the the safe vaulted houses of Spain. Roasting to perfection in the same fires that heat the town. After roasting for days in the middle of Kattlegrat. They then stir in the brown sugar and vanilla beans they’ve kept from the Paris raids. 

After getting approval from the towns leader they store the greatest smelling juice known to the middle earth in the same oak barrels they shipped with. 

The gods certainly approve. 

 Toasted coconuts,toasted almonds,vanilla bourbon, and brown sugar. 


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